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Helpful Bassinet And Baby Safety


Keep babies away from Dangling Objects

Make sure when you move or place a bassinet or cradle in a room that it is away from dangling items, these pose a chocking hazard for you little precious one. We also would recommend using the proper size sheets that fit tightly on the mattress, oversized / loose fitting sheets makes it possible for you little one to get wrapped up and stop breathing.

Recommended sleeping postition for your Royal one

Reguardless where your precious one is put down for a nap, the best position for him / her is on their back, never leave bottles in with them unattended, do not use pillows or other soft plush things. using such items has been linked to (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. and also present a chocking hazard.

Used Bassinets & Cribs for your Royal one

We as family are always looking for ways to save money and help another. Using "hand me down" stuff though the intention is good poses a few hazards for your royal one, since 1973 thing have become a lot more stringent. older painted bassinets / cribs can contain lead which can lead to lead poisoning. and Cribs normally was made with their slats further apart which can cause your baby to get their tiny heads caught in between and possibly chock as well.  We have heard of placing a bassinet in a crib till the baby is larger, we however hold no responsibility in this action.

Bassinet & Crib safety with animals

please make certain your little one sleeps alone. Cats love warmth and will have no problem snuggling up to your royal one, though this makes for a wonderful picture, it can also inhibit your babies breathing & possibly cause him / her to chock. Dogs on the other hand are a very curious animal they have no problem jumping up on things was can cause the Bassinet / Crib to become unstable and tip over. they will also lay next to your royal one thinking they are protecting so to speak and again cause your baby to chock on their hair.  Animals are a lovely thing and they really mean no harm, they just lack the knowledge involved in the care of your royal one.

Oh the precious dreams

Please remember your Baby can overheat quickly, placing heavy blankets, sheep skin covers, or heavy thick clothing is not a good idea. Dress them in a comfortable lightweight pajama a good rule of thumb is if your are comfortable in a tee-shirt your room is at the right temperature. (usually around 70 degrees).

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